We take a different approach from other web designers to make the best site for your business.

Here’s what the experience is like working with us.


Your organisation has a story and a reason why customers do business with you.

At CoBright, we are great at uncovering this story and defining what it is that makes you unique and valuable.

When you partner with CoBright, we work with you to discover your business's unique value proposition and develop a web concept around it.

Finding your UVP allows us to highlight what it is that makes your business stand out, and if it's possible, we'll come to you to get a real feel for your business.


Tell your story.

CoBright’s experienced team of content specialists understand the importance of high-quality content.

Our specialists curate your new site's content by incorporating SEO, commissioning video and photos, and more!

We partner with you to tell your business' story in a concise, compelling and easy-to-understand way.  

All this can be achieved in as little as one or two meetings — minimal homework required!

Custom Design

No cookie-cutter websites here.

Our design team creates a custom template for your business by taking into account:

  • Your brand style
  • Your audience
  • The actions you want visitors to take
  • Excellent user experience
  • Superior site speed
  • Exceptional mobile experience

A premium design made uniquely for you.

Content Loading

Bringing your site to life.

After we have finished building your new site, our designers get to work loading your content.

Our specialists look after your website's finer details, loading your content while considering SEO, accessibility, structured data, imagery and videography. 

But, we don't just throw it together. We make sure the content and design elements work harmoniously to tell your story. 


Every button, every word. 

With your website nearly finished, we extensively test the site to make sure every button, form, link, and mobile view works the way it should.


Teaching you to do it yourself.

Once your CoBright website is finished, we take the time to show you how it works and teach you how to manage it in the future.

Your website is a great opportunity to kickstart your marketing strategy.

And, while we build websites, we're also a full-service marketing agency with a great understanding of what is required to drive traffic to your new site.

We can’t wait to start working with you.


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