Riverina Stockfeeds

Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia

Riverina Stockfeeds is Australia’s premier producer of quality stock feeds and supplements.

Riverina Stockfeeds engaged with the CoBright team to manage their marketing efforts, and later rebuild and redesign their website.

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The Challenge

Riverina realised that to deliver their communication strategy effectively they needed a range of talents including communications, graphic design and web design. They didn’t have these skills internally. Riverina also realised that they needed a new website to help their communication strategy and to better anchor their marketing efforts.

The Solution

CoBright worked with the Riverina team in a workshop to develop their Unique Value Proposition and map the personas of their target audiences. With a clear understanding of these groups the communication strategy could begin.

CoBright now delivers Riverina’s communication strategy through Facebook, LinkedIn and website news and nutritionist articles. Using Google meet, CoBright interacts with the Riverina sales team to get photos and stories from the many agricultural events Riverina supports throughout the year.


CoBright redesigned the website, implementing an easy-to-use product finder to help users navigate Riverina’s broad catalogue.

Content curated for the website was done in reference to Riverina’s UVP , making it more relatable with key stakeholders.

The Outcome

Riverina Stockfeeds now have a website that highlights the company’s nutritional expertise and export services while also being personable and easy-to-use. Implementing a simple product finder now allows users to quickly find the stock feed or supplement they’re after.

Compared to the old website, the new site with its improved opportunities for users to interact is recording a 300% improvement in the number of phone calls and form submissions.

Understanding Riverina’s business through their UVP has assisted CoBright’s managed marketing efforts to communicate with target audiences through print and online advertising.

Since working with Riverina, CoBright has become more than just a third-party marketing agency, we have become an integral part of their business.

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